About the NeuRec Workshop 2021

The Second International Workshop on Advanced Neural Algorithms and Theories for Recommender Systems (NeuRec) will be co-located with ICDM 2021 to be held on December 7-10, 2021, Auckland, New Zealand. This workshop provides a more focused, in-depth venue for presentations, discussions and interactions on the area of data mining, machine learning, artificial intelligence and recommender systems.

A brief introduction

Nowadays, the renaissance of artificial intelligence (AI) has attracted huge attention from every corner of the world. On the one hand, neural algorithms and theories (include shallow and deep ones) have nearly dominated AI development in almost all areas, e.g., natural language processing (NLP),computer vision (CV) and planning and have shown great promise. On the other hand, recommender systems (RS), as one of the most popular and important applications of AI, has been widely planted into our daily lives and has made a huge difference. Naturally, the combination of neural algorithms and theories and recommender systems has been flourishing for years and has shown great potential. In practice, neural models and algorithms have nearly dominated the recommender system research in recent years. Many state-of-the-art recommender systems are built on neural algorithms, especially deep neural algorithms. However, most researchers often only focus on the application of deep neural models to solve the problems in recommender systems, they either ignore the more efficient shallow and light weighted neural models or overlook the fundamental theories behind these neural models, and the intrinsic connections between these theories and the recommender system issues.
This workshop aims to systematically discuss the recent advancements of both shallow and deep neural algorithms for recommender systems from both the application and theoretical perspectives. Particularly, the recent progress achieved in both shallow and deep neural recommender system algorithms together with the related theories will be discussed. Furthermore, both the recent progress achieved in the academia and the industry will be covered.